A Note from Gary and Ann Edwards

Welcome to our world. We are blessed that you are visiting with us today. Our prayer is that you will be blessed by purchasing one or both of the books you will read about here.

Our Lord has blessed us with two very successful children, Lori and Steven, and wonderful grandchildren. He has provided resources for a very comfortable lifestyle. Our Lord has blessed us with the ability to support multiple Christian ministries. All proceeds from the books sold are donated to various ministries.

Gary and Ann

The First Guardian Angel Recruit

Click Here to Buy The First Guardian Angel Recruit This book is for anyone who has been wronged by another or who has wronged another. It is about guilt, sorrow, and forgiveness. In 1880 God knows that in 1936 there will not be enough guardian angels to keep up with […]

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Miracle on 14th Street

Click Here to Buy Miracle on 14th Street Miracle on 14th Street is the life story of Kenneth Cable and the miracles that saved Manhattan Christian College to become what it is today. The author served the college as Vice President during the Miracle of 14th Street and to this […]

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