Edwards, Gary & Ann

About Gary Edwards

In 1959 Gary graduated from George Washington High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his senior year he met his future wife, Ann Hinshaw. He began his studies at Lincoln Christian University and during his sophomore year he ministered to the Christian Church in Mecca, Indiana. In twelve months, he baptized 66 people. After graduation from Lincoln in 1964 he ministered to Michigantown Christian Church in Michigantown, Indiana and then Brady Lane Church of Christ in Lafayette, Indiana.

Gary founded and served as the first campus minister of the Christin Student Foundation (CSF) at Ball State University in 1967. He assisted John Brown and Associates in designing the current “Campus House.” In less than six months he procured the funds to build the home of CSF. While at Ball State he received his Masters degree.

In 1974 he was called to the University of Wisconsin Madison to develop and raise funds for their campus ministry. After successfully completing this task he returned to Indianapolis as the Executive Director of Sue Emma Coleman Home, the oldest pregnancy care and adoption agency in the state of Indiana. While in this position he started a commercial cabinet shop and became the part-time pastor of Refuge Christian Church. In 1976, after considerable growth in church membership he was asked to go full-time. At his request the church called Gary’s good friend and student associate at CSF, Stan Sutton, to become the full-time Associate Pastor and Gary became the part-time Senior Pastor.

In 1982 Gary was called to be the Vice President of Manhattan Christian College. Here Gary and Ann became life long friends with Kenneth and Phyllis Cable. It was this friendship that prompted the book Miracle on 14th Street.

In 1989 Gary became the Vice Chancellor for Advancement at Purdue University Calumet (PUC. Donations to the college doubled has first year. This achievement was repeated annually for the next three years. He was responsible for bringing to PUC the Napoleon Hill Center and Library and the Challenger Learning Center to campus. He taught graduate classes in the education department and completed the classroom work for a PhD. He retired in 2001.

While serving as Vice Chancellor he founded and was President of Dynamic Stewardship Ministries. The company lead capital campaigns for churches and taught stewardship and money management for individuals. During this time Gary personally raised half-a-billion dollars for churches and parachurch organizations.

A chance meeting with a Vice President from his alma mater brought him out of retirement to become the Vice President of Development for Lincoln Christian University. He served in this position for seven years and retired again.

Since his second retirement Gary has written and published the two books spotlighted on this site. The books are the result of a lifetime of experiences. In addition, his fifty-year hobby of woodworking has become Treasures in Wood. His work has been sold country wide and is on display in a local art gallery. This past year he accepted the position of Pastor to Young’s Chapel Christian Church.

He and Ann are enjoying and sharing life with their children, grandchildren, one great grandson, and many friends.