The First Guardian Angel Recruit

This book is for anyone who has been wronged by another or who has wronged another. It is about guilt, sorrow, and forgiveness.

In 1880 God knows that in 1936 there will not be enough guardian angels to keep up with earth's population growth. This requires God to make a decision. Either he creates more guardian angels, or he recruits them from new arrivals in heaven. God decides on the latter and predetermines the first guardian angel shall be a third-generation Swedish immigrant to the United States by the name of Inge Svenson.

For this to happen God must guide and protect three generations of Swedes who become the clan from which Inge, a very special child, is born. Her birth is attended by a stranger who pronounces a blessing over the child.

On her sixteenth birthday Inge dies in a tragic accident and immediately upon arrival in heaven is assigned to save six-year-old Zilda from a sexual predator. Inge must deal with her anger toward Helmuth the predator who later becomes her assignee. She is expected to lead to Helmuth to seek forgiveness from Zilda's family. At the same time, she is allowed to bring comfort to her father who blamed himself for her death and is guilt-ridden to the point of suicide.

Reviews for The First Guardian Angel Recruit

"Great read. It stirred my emotions and gave me a better understanding of my own heritage and relationship to God."

Janet R

"A must read. This novel awakened my personal sense of having to forgive a person of my past. It made it clear I would be a happier person if I would acknowledge my hurt, forgive, and move on."

Albert J.

"The First Guardian Angel Recruit started out slowly. I am not much for history. But, the more I read the more intriguing the book became. It is good story that explains the multitude of emotions everyone has to experience soon or later."

Larry A.

"I lost a daughter at a young age and the loss has hunted me since. I had a sense of peace after reading the story and seeing how grief was managed by the characters in the book. This is a good read I am happy to recommend."


"At the recommendation of a friend I purchased the book at In His Time bookstore. I loved everything about the book and have passed the book on to folks in our church."